Diamond C Trailers 2PSA All-Purpose, Single Axle Utility

Diamond C's model 2PSA is the Ultimate Single Axle Utility Trailer. The 2,990 GVWR 2PSA has a unique ALL-TUBE frame design which means a smooth and clean undercarriage making it less likely to get hung up offroad. Exclusive features include permanently sealed and ergonomic balled-end pipe top rail, 3-hole ATV tie-down bars, boxed tail lights and the easy to use 48" bi-fold ramp gate. With a variety of options and configurations to choose from the 2PSA Single Axle Utility Trailer is exceptionally functional, versatile and tows like a dream! Watch this video to learn more about Diamond C's 2PSA, All-Purpose, Single Axle Utility Trailer.

Diamond C 24LPD "The Original" Low Profile Dump

Diamond C's model 24LPD, "The Original" Low Profile 14K Dump Trailer, makes work easier. While most traditional 14K dump trailers have a deck height of 29-31", the 24LPD has a 23" deck height. The 23" deck height does two things: 1. It puts the whole dump body lower to the ground which improves over-the-side accessibility. The 24" sides are 6-8" lower to the ground which is 6-8" less you have to reach over when loading. 2. The lower deck height decreases the angle of approach on the ramps. So, most equipment, such as a skid-steer, can be forward loaded into a 24LPD which is faster and safer than reverse equipment loading. (The steeper ramp angle on traditional 14K dump trailers typically requires reverse equipment loading.) Watch this video to learn more about Diamond C's 24LPD, Low Profile 14K Dump Trailer.

Diamond C Hydraulic Jacks

Diamond C Trailer self-contained Hydraulic Jack option is a MUST-HAVE for anyone that hooks and unhooks their trailer often. Fast, convenient, and strong.

Diamond C 2PSA RAM-Tilt Option

Diamond C Trailers now offers a RAM-Tilt option for the 2PSA ultimate single axle utility trailer! Exceptionally functional, versatile and with the standard 2PSA axle placement... this trailer tows like a dream! The 2PSA also includes all tube framing, balled-end pipe tops, 3-hole tie-down bars, boxed tail lights, Dexter axles and DuPont premium polyurethanes.

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